Audit Your Electricity Bills With Emporia Smart Energy Monitor

Electricity Audit to Save Money

Emporia Vue Gen2 can be used to conduct an electricity bill audit by providing detailed information on power usage and identifying areas where energy is being wasted. The following are some ways in which the Emporia Vue can be used to conduct an electricity bill audit:

  1. Identifying high-usage appliances: By monitoring power usage of individual appliances, the Emporia Vue can identify appliances that are consuming a significant amount of energy. This can help homeowners and businesses to identify areas where energy is being wasted and take steps to reduce consumption.

  2. Detecting power leaks: The Emporia Vue Gen2 can detect power leakage, which is the difference between the total power consumed and the power used by appliances. This can help identify issues with wiring or other electrical problems that may cause power wastage and increase bills.

  3. Monitoring for ghost electricity: Ghost electricity is the power consumed by appliances that are turned off but still plugged in. The Emporia Vue can detect ghost electricity and send notifications, preventing unnecessary power consumption and decrease bills.

  4. Identifying usage patterns: Emporia Vue can provide detailed information on power usage patterns, which can help identify when appliances are being used excessively, or unnecessarily. This can help homeowners and businesses to develop energy-saving strategies and decrease bills.

  5. Bill analysis: Emporia Vue can be used to analyze electricity bills, comparing the power usage data with the bills. This can help identify discrepancies, such as overcharging, and take steps to resolve them.

  6. Data analysis: Emporia Vue comes with advanced data analysis tools that can help to identify trends and patterns in power usage, which can be used to predict future consumption, and develop strategies to reduce bills.

  7. Integration with other systems: The Emporia Vue can be integrated with other smart home systems like smart plugs, thermostats, and lighting control systems, which can provide additional benefits such as automating energy-saving actions, and reducing bills.

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