Emporia Vue App Features

The Emporia Energy app is a smartphone app that is designed to help homeowners and businesses track and optimise their energy consumption. It is associated with the Emporia Vue Energy Monitor, a device that connects to the electrical panel and measures the current, voltage, and power usage of each phase.

Here are some features and capabilities of the Emporia Energy app:

    1. Real-time energy monitoring: The app provides real-time energy monitoring, allowing users to track and monitor energy usage in real-time. This can help users identify areas of energy waste and become more aware of energy habits.

    2. Energy reports: The app generates detailed energy reports that provide insights into energy consumption patterns over time. These reports can be accessed through the app and provide information on energy usage by appliance or device, as well as energy usage compared to other homes or businesses in the area.

    3. Energy management: The app also offers energy management tools that allow users to set goals and targets for energy consumption, and track their progress towards meeting those goals. This can help users optimize energy usage and save money on energy bills.

    4. Energy alerts: The app can also send energy alerts to users, such as when energy usage reaches a certain threshold or when energy usage changes significantly. These alerts can help users stay informed about their energy consumption and take steps to reduce energy usage if necessary.

    5. Compatibility: The Emporia Energy app is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

    6. Multiple Locations: It is possible to use multiple energy monitors to track and optimise energy consumption in different locations or systems. For example, a homeowner or business owner may want to monitor the energy usage of multiple buildings, or of different systems within a single building, such as the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system or the lighting system.To use multiple energy monitors, you will need to install a separate energy monitor for each location or system that you want to monitor. The energy monitors will need to be connected to the appropriate electrical panel or system, and will measure and transmit energy usage data to a remote server or cloud platform.

Emporia Energy app is a powerful tool for helping homeowners and businesses track and optimise their energy consumption. By tracking and optimising energy usage, users can save money on energy bills and reduce their environmental impact.

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