Energy Monitoring for Business Owners

Factories, Retail, Chain Store & Restaurant CEOs know that a lot of electricity is wasted and for various reasons.

Emporia Vue Energy Monitoring System is a solution that is Flexible, Easy to install and Scalable…. 

Made with needs Light Commercials in mind, Emporia Vue Gen 2 can monitor connected load of upto 180 KW with its 600+ Amps Split core Bidirectional CT Sensors ( 3 phase 220-240 V / 415VAC) 

Make your business.....More profitable....More energy efficient.... More Smart.

Monitoring Remote Factories 

Real Time Energy consumption of factories can help understand not just the costs being incurred but also the level of production taking place in factories. The Individual Circuit can track the Individual machines & appliance running & its past records in a hour/ day /month format.

Create Alerts on appliances running over a certain number of hours or over certain KWH/Amp.

Learn the time equipment/ lights etc are turned On or OFF.  

Electrical Signatures Analysis help ascertain the health of each machine, to undertake preventive maintenance and reduce downtimes.

Contact us to know how Emporia Vue can help gain control, reduce wastage and save money.


Power Monitoring Chain Stores - Multi Location Businesses 

Suspect if the lights that were to be switched off after business hours were actually done ? How about the HVACs and other power guzzling appliances. 

A Study of sample stores of a large chain showed that at least 50% of them did not follow the company guideline that could have saved them upto 20% of their electricity bills. 

With real time monitoring, store managers and area heads can take corrective actions on the go rather than wait for HO to figure out the leakages.

Emporia Vue Energy Monitoring System  is quickly installable, flexible & scalable to the needs of clients.

Contact us to know how Emporia Vue can help gain control, reduce wastage and save money.