How Vue Works

Emporia Vue Gen 2 Smart Energy Monitoring System come ready for 2 - 3 Phase Main Line Sensors of 200 Amps each sensor. With 8 or 16 circuit sensors of 50 Amps each you can monitor individual Air conditioners, Water Heaters, Refrigerators, Water Pumps, Lights etc.

How the Gen 2 Vue Works

Gen 2 Vue In-panel Installation

Install in Panel

The Vue Installs in most homes in the electrical panel in non invasive manner.  The Vue monitors renewable energy net metering with no extra equipment to buy. The Vue is UL and CE Listed for your safety.

Gen 2 Vue Monitor Individual Circuits

Monitor Circuits

Add 50A sensor bundles to gain the ability to monitor up to 16 individual circuits. You can buy the sensors bundled with the Vue or separately, if you already own a Vue. This allows you to monitor important appliances and equipment, like your air conditioner, furnace, water heater, washer/dryer, solar generation, and more.

Gen 2 Vue Connect over Wifi

Connect over WiFi

  • Connects to Emporia app over 2.4GHz WiFi
  • Monitors electricity use/generation 24/7
  • Collects granular, 1-second energy data
  • Monitors voltage for real power metrics
  • Tracks how much energy is being used by important appliances and equipment or how much is generated and sent back to the grid
Gen 2 Vue manage energy with Emporia App

Manage Your Energy

  • Manage energy use and generation with a simple iOS or Android app
  • Receive actionable recommendations
  • Get real-time data anywhere, anytime
  • Prevent costly repairs
  • Conserve Energy
  • Save Money
Emporia Gen 2 Vue

Ready for a Gen 2 Vue?

Take Control of Your Energy

  • Track your energy usage.
  • Get savings opportunities.
  • Receive energy saving notifications.
  • Make your home more energy efficient.

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