Solar Net Metering - Benefits - How it Work?

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Emporia Vue Monitors are capable of monitoring your clients Solar Production, Net & Gross Import Export with Grid as well as Whole Home Energy Monitoring. Which mean Complete Energy picture on One Single Screen, anytime anywhere. EPC & Installers can evaluate sunshine hour load along with specific appliance creating it helps create impressive & amazing offer to EPC clients. ( Emporia Partner Program

Benefits Of Emporia Vue Energy Monitor

How Emporia Vue Works for Home & Commercials with Solar Installations: Each Emporia Vue Monitor Comes with 1 or 3 - 200A Split Core CT Sensors that detects & reads the currents on Live single/three Phase lines from electricity company/ society as the case may be. The sensors are bidirectional and can read the directional flow of electricity providing accurate reading on IMPORT - EXPORT - NET in Real time as well as time segmented data of in seconds to months. Further to Read Solar Generation connect to the Grid Line, 1 or 3 split core sensor of 50-75A used which again provides accurate data on solar generation.

Additionally use upto 16 Load circuit sensors to monitor individual circuits feeds appliances like ac, water heater etc. Check out 3 Phase Bundle Options  

All the above data are available in Ampere and watts /KW/ Kwh. 

Typical DP Box Installation Diagram

Line Side Fed Panel

Line-side tap solar installation

For line-side tap solar installs, the 200A CTs must be installed between the meter and incoming feeds from the inverter. To monitor how much energy is pulling from and sending back from the grid, install a 50A CT on each of the leads coming in from your inverter to the mains. Ensure the directionality of all CTs is correct.

Typical Display Screenshot on Emporia App

Net Metering Display on Emporia App

Emporia App Provides crucial data on Gross and Nett Import & Export of Electricity with Grid, Plus Gross Solar Generation. The above data here ( in pic)  seen along with consumption.


Technical details

Energy Monitor ( Main Box) 

Power supply input: 100-240VAC 1Ø, 50/60Hz, 0.041A

Fuse: 260VAC/0.3A  (Fusible resister: 10E, 1W, 5%, TH)

Power usage: < 11 Watts

Wi-Fi: 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n

Operating conditions: -40° -122° F (-40° - 50° C) 0-80% RH

200A Current Transformers ( As per Require Phase)

Max current: 200A Cable length: 1 m

Inside diameter: 26 mm

50A Current Transformers ( As Per Required Load Circuits) 

Max current: 50A , Cable length: 1 m

Inside diameter: 10 mm