Better ROI on Solar Power investments with Smart Energy Monitor

Advantage of Emporia Vue Smart Energy Monitor with Solar Net Metering is that user gets to know the Solar Power being generated as well as Whole Home electricity consumption along with usage of every appliance at that very instance, day or month. This minimises mismatch between the peak solar power production and peak electricity consumption.

The Figure Below Shows Peak of Solar Generation and Grid Power Usage.

For Solar power user balancing of load plays an important part in saving energy, planned storage capacity positively impacts ROI on entire solar power investment. 

With Electricity supply companies adopting smart meters, India will be looking into differential Unit Price between peak and non peak hours, This method is called time-of-use pricing (TOU) and looks like this:

Making consumption / generation/ storage planning even more important.
The Emporia app displays this information in an easy to read chart on your smartphone. This way, you can track your energy usage to see how much you are saving on energy costs each day.

Taking the Guesswork out of the equation, Emporia Vue Energy Monitor provides the exact time of usage with appliances wise break up.

An analogy of Income and Expenditure statement of a company, wherein One without the Other is rather useless, aptly describes the value Emporia Monitor brings to Homes with Solar Power installations.

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