Reduce Energy Use With Smart Home Energy Monitors


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More and more homes are making energy efficiency a priority. Not only is it a responsible way to reduce your environmental impact, but it can equate to serious savings on energy bills every month. But what can be done to make your home more efficient? Alongside a home energy audit, a smart home energy monitor is an energy-saving tool that can make a big difference.

What is a smart home energy monitor?

A smart home energy monitor is a gadget that fits onto your home's electrical panel. The unit then monitors energy consumption throughout your home, showing you energy use patterns and even real-time data.

It gives you an accurate picture of the amount of energy that your home uses to help you break down your electric bill. A smart home energy monitor can even give you a baseline of electricity consumption when appliances are not in use, as well as data on how much energy individual appliances use. That can give you the type of specific data on your electricity usage needed to make the proper changes and upgrades within your home.

How does a smart home energy monitor work?

A smart home energy monitoring system is relatively simple. Start by attaching it to your home's breaker box. The device then works by not only monitoring the energy usage throughout the home, but by also identifying the unique energy signature of individual devices and appliances.

Depending on the type of monitor you choose, you can monitor energy levels when those appliances are on, how often they get used, what they cost per month to operate, and more. This gives you a comprehensive look into your electrical usage to help identify ways you can be more energy-efficient. Pairing a smart home energy monitor with other products like smart thermostats and smart plugs can help you take control of your home's day-to-day energy use.

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