Decoding Electricity Bills

No More Guesswork, know exactly  where & how your electricity got consumed

Remote Monitoring

Anytime - Anywhere - Get the Knowledge of Power on your Palm. View data in convenient to grasp Graphical


Monitor Everything

Monitors all electricity consuming appliances in real time, Eliminates leakage, wastage, misuse or theft. 



Emporia Monitor easily fits inside most DP boxes in home, office, factory or retail chains,  typically in 30 minutes or less. It's Non Invasive,  no wire cutting etc required.

Alert Notifications

Set your own notification alerts based on Power usage or  surge within a timeframe prescribed by your needs.


Preventive Maintenance

Get your appliance serviced before expensive repairs, when an appliance draws above rated /recommended  current capacity or  and set alerts for the same. Deep dive the recorded electricity data of any appliance to pinpoint problematic areas.


Save upto 20%

Studies show that with Emporia Smart Monitoring users can save upto 20% electricity. As Peter Drukker a renowned management thinker said “You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure” 

No App Subscription Charges

No hidden cost by way of any subscription charges for app use. No IOT/ Sim card cost as the device works on Wifi