Homes & Apartment Complex

3 or 4 BHK homes with 4 - 6 air conditioners, 1- 2 fridge , 2 - 4 geysers, washing machines, ironing, microwave etc consumes a lot of electricity, running into power bills of Rs 2 - 5 Lakhs annually.When you save 15- 20% of such amounts, over years it can be a fortune and emporia energy monitors can help you achieve that, without hassles.

With ability to monitor electricity usage areas, it empower you with vital informations in saving both money and environment. ( Knowledge of Power ) 

However what Electricity Company sends, is only a monthly bill of Units and Rupees

Some major drain areas in homes are

  • Appliance Efficiency:  When you measure how much that 10 year old appliance is actually consuming you can take an informed decision on it's servicing or replacement without guesswork

  • Wastage: That happens when an appliance is left running without any utility as part of habit, unknowingly or misuse.

  • Power Leakage: This is the gap between what is actually consumed and your total electricity consumed. 

Other areas are meter errors, ghost electricity, theft etc which can add substantially to your power bill which your knowledge.

Speak to us to know more and which option will best suit your needs.