How Emporia Vue Smart Energy Monitors Could Save You Money On Electricity Bills

June 2021 Kolkata, India - 

Consumers have little visibility into their day-to-day electricity consumption and how using various appliances can influence their bills.  The monthly energy bill shows consumers total energy usage for the statement period and overall totals for the year. It doesn’t pinpoint how and where of  energy consumption.

Emporia Vue Gen2 offers real-time information of  home or office power consumption on a user's mobile app and tracks usage trends that can help users consume less energy and save on their electricity bill. Studies have found that users save 15 - 20% on their power bills and significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Some key features to consider when selecting the best home energy monitor are that they provide energy details of the entire home or office, can provide appliance-specific information, have an easy-to-use app, and offer easy installation. Some monitors also provide “solar net metering”, a  useful feature for places with solar installations

For a detailed account of energy use throughout the home or office, consider Emporia whole-house power monitor, which has sensors that connect to the home’s electrical panel. The energy monitor tracks the performance and power consumption of each appliance based on its connection to an individual circuit. The sensors gather information, and the monitor analyses the data and transmits insights or notifications to the user's phone. When linked to Wi-Fi, home energy monitors provide details on energy use in kilowatts and cost in rupees in real time. 

Emporia Vue manufactured by the US based Emporia Energy Corp, latest Emporia Vue Gen 2 version was recently launched in India in partnership with Genconnect Marketing Services LLP.  The product is currently available through their website , on Amazon India.

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