Save 15 - 20 % On Annual Power Bills

Emporia Vue Gen 2 Energy Monitors enables you to analyse electricity consumption of each appliance individually, control wasteful consumption, identify appliances consuming high electricity. Such dissected information enables you to take corrective measures including repairs & maintenance.

Emporia Vue also enables you to carry out Preventive Maintenance  which saves your homes expensive appliances &  it’s costly repairs.

If you suspect that your utility meters are giving false reading, leading to excessive power bills, instead of just a suspicion, with Emporia Vue you can take corrective measures to rectify the issues and save yourself from excessive billings. It’s your own electricity audit 24 x 7. 

Set alerts based on various factors like amperage, Kwhr or running time of any appliance or the mains to prevent misuse or mishap, especially in your absence.

With these information, 3 - 4 bedroom house with AC’s etc can save 10 x 1000’s of Rupee every year, for years to come.

Apart from saving money, Reduced Electricity also lead to Less pollution and saving our environment, with an average nearly 1 kg of CO2 / KWh you can make a Big difference in meeting our environmental goal.



Emporia Vue Energy Monitoring System is an investment all would be glad with, both by saving money and environment.