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Know What Goes On In Your Retail Stores When You’re Not Watching.

Energy managers in large organisations that operate many different facilities. have difficult time delving of Energy Bills.  Outdoor lights go on before dark and stay on after dawn. Exhaust fans and air handlers run around the clock. HVAC systems condition the air in unoccupied rooms. Doors on refrigeration units are left open.
You know it happens. But unless you’re using Emporia real-time energy monitoring, you probably don’t know when or how often it happens. Or how much it’s costing you.
A large retailer that operates over 100 stores piloted a system for monitoring real-time energy use at 10 stores. The pilot showed that ceiling lights were being left on at night regularly at 4 stores, costing huge loss every year. The retailer concluded that if the same problem were occurring at 40% of its 100 stores, the actual excess energy cost was Rs 25 Lakhs a year. Real-time energy monitoring discovered this problem and helped the retailer cut its energy bill.